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    At Onsite Conveyancing we understand the needs of our customers, and providing the best service at the best price is fundamental to who we are.  We have found a better way!

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    We engaged Onsite Law to manage the conveyancing on our recent property purchase. The purchase was far from “standard”, but the team at Onsite Law took it all in their stride and provided a great service that kept us informed and comfortable up to settlement. We will continue to use Onsite Law and highly recommend them to others.

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    Recent Articles

    No more price guides on auctions

    Auctioneers and Real Estate Agents Beware – No more price guides or disclosure of reserve or other prices (whether by Auction or otherwise) From 1 December 2014, the Property Occupations Act 2014 will apply.  This legislation brings with it a number of significant changes to the former Act that governs real estate agents and auctioneers. […]

    Common Mistakes in Queensland Property Contracts {Watch this Video}

    The most common error we are still seeing in Queensland Property Contracts is incorrect spelling of party names and leaving out middle names.  Not having the correct party details can cause problems with finance applications and can increase your costs by having to rectify the spelling on the Contract or to having the original Queensland Property Contract rescinded.  […]

    Appropriate timeframes to request on Property Contracts in Queensland {Watch this video}

    What is an appopriate amount of days to request for settlement, building and pest and finance on property contracts in Queensland?  This is a question we get asked frequently. Most property contracts in Queensland settle 30 days from when the Seller signs the Contract and within the Contract there are very important dates to keep track of. […]

    How to vary the terms of a contract after it has been signed?

    Situations can arise after a Queensland Residential Contract of Sale is signed by both the Buyer and Seller and dated the day the last party signs the Contract for example the Buyer’s building and pest report may indicate damage to the property previously unknown to any of the parties which gives rise to the Buyer […]

    Queensland Property Searches – Why are they essential? {Watch this video}

    Queensland Property Searches – Why are they essential?     Queensland property searches performed on your new purchase are an essential part of a conveyance. Searches are peformed to help a buyer evaluate their purchase and identify legal owernship or any property issues.  Did you know that when you purchase a property the existing rates and […]