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Queensland Property Searches – Why are they essential? {Watch this video}

Queensland Property Searches – Why are they essential?


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Queensland property searches performed on your new purchase are an essential part of a conveyance.

Searches are peformed to help a buyer evaluate their purchase and identify legal owernship or any property issues.  Did you know that when you purchase a property the existing rates and water accounts and transferred directly to you.  This is why we strongly recommend performing a water and rates search.  The results of these searches outline any debts that are due and owing to these entities so an adjustment can be made at settlement to pay out those debts.

Other basic searches we recommend include a Title search, registered plan, Main Roads, Land Tax and Energex.   Searches also determine whether there are any encumbrances over the Title of the property that need to be addressed prior to settlement such as mortgages, easement, covenants and caveats.

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